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Chinese Zodiac Animals, known as shengxiao (shēngxiāo 生肖), are based on a twelve-year cycle. Each year in the cycle is represented by a different animal. Which is the zodiac animal of 2019? *

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The Chinese New Year is usually referred to as the Spring Festival in modern China. It celebrates the beginning of a new year based on the lunar calendar. The Chinese Lunar calendar is about one month behind the Gregorian calendar. Which month does the Chinese New Year 2019 fall on the Gregorian calendar? *


Giving lucky money is a tradition during the Chinese New year. The lucky money is ordinarily put into a red envelope, which symbolizes good luck and wealth. The Chinese lucky money is usually given between which type of relationships? *

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The New Year's Gala is a Chinese New Year special entertainment programme produced by China Central Television (CCTV). Its broadcast has a minimum viewership of over 700 million, making it one of the premier annual television events in China. When was the first CCTV New Year Gala broadcasted? *

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Hanging up spring couplets (chūnlián 春联) is another tradition during the Chinese New Year. The Chinese couplets are two complementary poetic lines which adhere to certain rules, often written on red paper using Chinese calligraphy. The colourful couplets create a joyous festive atmosphere and the phrases convey wishes of good luck, health and prosperity. Where do the Chinese people hang up the spring couplets? *


Which Asian country does NOT celebrate the Chinese New Year? *

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At the advent of the Chinese New Year, Chinese people from all over the world travel home for family reunion. This seasonal travel rush, knowns as chunyun, (chūnyùn 春运) is China's largest migration and also the largest in the world. In 2018 some 2.9 billion journeys were made during the travel rush. Which of the following Chinese city usually witnesses the highest volume of journeys? *

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Which colour do Chinese people associate with good luck, especially during the new year? *

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After the new year dinner, families get together to play games. Which game is the most popular among adults? *

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Dumplings is a traditional food which uses thin skins of dough to wrap up a mixture of filling. A dumpling is the size of an ingot. For a family meal, many dumplings will be made. Some families put a token in some dumplings as they prepare them. Whoever eats these special dumplings are considered to be extra lucky in the new year. What can be used as a lucky token in the dumplings? *

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